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Here at Nittel UK we are a leading supplier with extensive experience in developing and manufacturing custom made liners which are suitable for all types of transportation as well as storage containers. Our range of liners is aimed predominantly at companies in the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, although our customer base ranges throughout a very broad spectrum of industries. Nittel liners can ensure that your product is provided with the appropriate protection from environmental influences during transportation, and the containers are protected from any contamination of the fill product. A lot of companies on the domestic market and abroad already enjoy the benefits of Nittel liners, which will render container cleaning unnecessary, thus saving cleaning and logistics costs. The quality requirements of our customers are constantly on the increase. Laws and regulations demand the highest levels of safety for the transportation and storage of goods. The assurance which our products offer is the decisive reason for a lot of customers to choose Nittel liners.
Nittel (UK) Ltd
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