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NEPTUNE OCEANOGRAPHICS - SUBSEA LEAK DETECTION (PIPELINE) Neptune Oceanographics Ltd has its UK base in Oxfordshire and is a global leader for subsea pipeline leak detection. We have made, and continue to make significant technical advances in subsea leak detection through a continuous R&D programme. Our subsea leak detection services are able to prevent serious environmental damage by promptly detecting the leakage of hydrocarbons - whether gas or oil - from risers, subsea control systems, water injection systems, manifolds and other subsea facilities. We have developed several new systems that enable efficient pipeline leak detection such as:- • Acoustic (ultrasonic) leak detection • Hydrocarbon leak detection - methane • Long range fluorescent dye detection for tracer dyes and liquid hydrocarbons (oil) • Hydrocarbon leak detection - oil • Differential subsea temperature measurement • MEG (mono ethylene glycol) detection

Neptune Oceanographics Ltd

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