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Our Aims For 35 years the aim of Modern Baking Systems have been the same, to meet the needs of our customers. We feel we can do this by not representing one supplier or brand for different pieces of equipment. Each piece of equipment is selected purely on its own merit. We are also one of the few bakery equipment suppliers in the UK who have the skill, knowledge and facilities to manufacture bakery equipment. Our 10,000 sq.ft distribution and engineering factory is stocked with new and refurbished equipment as well as thousands of spare parts. Our Support Service and technical back up is far to often overlooked when people purchase equipment. Our highly skilled engineers service equipment throughout the United Kingdom and offer an efficient and reliable back-up service for all equipment supplied. Should it not be practical to repair or service any equipment on your premises, we can arrange to have your equipment brought to our factory where we have the facilities to carry out a complete rebuild if necessary. Our mechanical and electrical technicians are so familiar with your equipment that they are often able to diagnose problems over the telephone, saving time and money. Finance option More and more customers are using finance companies to purchase equipment, and with very good reason. With interest rates still relatively low, finance is proving to be the preferred way of purchasing equipment, even where companies are cash rich. You can now purchase equipment worth £10,000 from just £74 a week or £10.55 a day over 3 years. Finance dramatically improves cash flow, probably the single most important aspect of business. Finance not only allows you put your money to better use but also allows you to pay for the equipment while the equipment earns you the money. The icing on the cake is that, unlike outright purchases, lease purchasing is 100% tax deductible.
Modern Baking Systems (Bristol) Ltd

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