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The MiTek connector plate has been leading the world's roof and floor joist innovation for many years. Plates vary from the popular M20 (1mm) galvanised plate through to heavier gauges for a better connection. Our cutting edge design software analyses the forces passing through each joint in the roof truss or floor joist, considering all of the different load cases and calculating the connector plate requirements for each joint. Whilst a standard truss will typically use a selection of different M20 connector plates, large span trusses and room-in-the-roof attic trusses which support greater loads will often require some joints to use the thicker gauge B90 or M14 connector plates to give the truss greater strength. Our strong strength Posi-Strut web is at the heart of the popular metal-web flooring system - the Posi-Joist. Available in six different depths from 202mm and upwards the strength of the Posi-Strut web enables the Posi-Joist to span further than solid timber alternatives. MiTek's global manufacturing network produces many millions of connector plates and Posi-Strut webs each year - leading in turn to many millions of timber engineered connections that you can rely on.
MiTek Industries Ltd

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