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Founded in 1974 to supply electronic components to an increasing number of our plastic moulding customers, MECI Ltd has grown into a thriving distributor of electro-mechanical components, interconnect solutions and PCB switches. Building on our reputation for supplying Transistor Mounting Pads, ( equivalents to Milton Ross Transipad parts ), Mica Insulating Washers, Warth's Silicone Rubber, Aluminium Oxide Washers, Insulating Bushes and Plastic PCB Mounting Hardware, MECI Ltd has established long term partnerships with a number of key manufacturers and suppliers. MECI Ltd has distributed the interconnect components of KEYSTONE Electronics for many years.


Their wide product range includes AA Battery Holders, CR2032 Coin Cell Clips and Holders, Fuse Clips and Fuseholders, Screw Connectors, Phono Jacks and LED Spacers. Another long term partner is MEC SWITCHES, whose widely acclaimed MULTIMEC and UNIMEC modular PCB pushbutton switches are stocked in depth. We Stock European-made ranges of attractive low cost Neon Indicators for panel mounting, and can offer LED indicators also. Crimp Terminals are supplied to us by our long term partner COLLETT TERMINALS, whose parts are specified on a great many drawings, and whose parts in many cases are equivalents to those of the old ROSS COURTNEY Company. KLAUKE (Formerly Utilux) branded terminals are also available. As well as the alternatives to the ranges of Terminals previously offered by ROSS COURTNEY, MECI can also supply the ODDIE and SAVIGNY Quarter-Turn Fasteners, Toggle Latches, Hinges and Handles they once offered, or close alternatives. MECI Ltd constantly strives to enhance the ranges of products it offers to its customers, and has most recently added the ranges of DIN Rail mounting enclosures and housings from Elbag in Italy.

MECI Limited
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