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Who is legally responsible for the Fire Doors? Building owners and managers have legal responsibilities to take on knowledgeable people to assess and manage fire risk in their properties. Articles 17 and 18 of the RRO – or Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order – make specific reference to the need to maintain fire prevention devices that are fit for purpose and to appoint one or more competent people to assist in undertaking preventive and protective measures.The consequences of not meeting the regulations can result in severe punishments and include a large fine. This sends out a strong message about the implications of ineffective fire management procedures, which is often caused by the lack of knowledge and understanding surrounding fire doors and the RRO. Estate managers need to be confident that if a fire should occur they will not be in breach of the legal requirements for fire doors. If there is any doubt in your mind you should ask a certificated fire door inspector to take a look around the buildings and determine whether there are any shortfalls and what action needs to be taken. Who are MD Fire Doors? Being a long-time advocate of third-party Fire Door inspection and certification and to meet the growing demand, Moving Designs have set up a specialist division within our group, MD Fire Doors. MD Fire Doors provides an independent, third-party fire door inspection service. Our Certified Fire Door Inspectors are fully qualified under the Fire Door Inspection Scheme (FDIS). Our inspectors provide the most comprehensive and highest standard of inspection within the UK. Having your doors inspected by our certified professionals not only gives you peace of mind, it also reassures the building’s occupiers that you take fire safety seriously. Third-party certification involves the testing of the door as a complete assembly, including door leaf, frame, ironmongery, intumescent seals and glazing. But it goes further than just certification of the door leaf, regular testing and audits are required to complete the certification process and certificates are issued, indicating the scope of the certification. It is these measures which ensure the product supplied to the contractor meets and maintains the guaranteed quality of the original design. Our Fire Door Inspection service provides a detailed inspection report of all your Fire and Exit doors using our latest data collection technology software. The service includes a full rectification report outlining the defects and faults with your fire doors. On completion an inspection certificate is provided for identification purposes in compliance with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. If you would like to appoint one of our CertFDI-certificated fire door inspectors to assess and inspect the fire doors in your buildings. Please contact MD Fire Doors on 0845 6432198 or visit us at
MD Fire Doors

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