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Founded in 1868, MacDermid Autotype has grown to be the leading industrial manufacturer of coated films and blended liquids for use in the printing, automotive and electronics industries in the world. Autotype draws from its wealth of history embracing leading edge technology joint with outstanding applications to help support its customers succeed. For over 140 years we have been principal innovators of high quality precision coated films. Our product selection include; overlay films for membrane touch switches, stencil products and cleaning chemicals for screen printing, products for film insert moulding (FIM/IMD) and graphic display films. Our wide-ranging knowledge in precision coating technology allows us to transform and improve the performance of films for many high-tech and demanding applications. We are dedicated to supplying products which meet our customers' exacting design and application needs; manufactured to standards ensuring consistency of performance which meet their full requirements. Operating from global locations; England, UK; Chicago, USA, Singapore and Shanghai, China; allows us to maintain worldwide coverage through experienced and devoted sales personnel, responding in real time to the changing requirements of local markets.
MacDermid Autotype Ltd

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