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Replacement Car Dials - Our clientele includes – car styling enthusiasts, vehicle importers and Vehicle Enhancement Specialists. Over the past twenty plus years we at Lockwood have become renowned for, what we believe to be, the largest range of replacement MPH dials in the world. We manufacture them for a vast number of makes and models, including Lamborghini, Ferrari, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce. We manufacture an ever increaing number of Kmh to MPH dials We produce them in our factory here in Leeds, using the very best substrates and specialised inks, and because we employ advanced screen-printing techniques and print-finishing processes, we offer a service and quality at prices that others find difficult to match. During these fifteen years, besides supplying dials to numerous professionals in the trade, we have also supplied them to hundreds of thousands of ordinary car owners who fit Lockwood Dials to add that ‘feel good factor’ to their driving experience. The vast majority of these private car owners fit the dials themselves, using our step-by-step fitting guidelines. Kph to mph Dials for Imported Cars - Kmh to mph dials for Imported cars. Cars with KMH speedo’s are arriving in this country in ever increasing numbers and their dials have to converted from Kmh to MPH to be driven in the UK. We already supply conversion dials to a large number of vehicle importers who deal with us because of our high quality, our reasonable prices and our prompt service. We welcome new enquiries. We also supply to any private individual needing to convert his speedometer. This is a job that most private car owners can undertake themselves. Vehicle Enhancement Specialists - Many specialists in the field of vehicle enhancement have chosen Lockwood Dials, sill Protectors / kick plates to give their Special Edition Models’ the finishing touch. We welcome enquiries. Owners’ Clubs & Forums - We supply white or coloured replacement dials, sill plates and radiator grilles, at very attractive discounts, to a number of Car Owners’ Clubs and Forums. Radiator Grilles and DIY Grille mesh - We also supply DIY grille mesh for those wishing to make their own car grilles. Lots of DIY enthusiasts buy pieces of stainless steel mesh for radiators and vents. The grill mesh we supply is 316 grade stainless steel. We keep certain sizes in stock but will supply DIY Stainless steel grill mesh in any size you require. Lockwood perforated stainless steel radiator grilles are well known in the motor trade, but we are also famous for the unique design of some of our stainless steel mesh grilles which are not available from any other manufacturer. Sill Protectors and Kick Plates - Thousands of cars throughout the world are adorned with Lockwood’s engraved, stainless steel sill plates. We not only design them to look good, we make sure that they fit perfectly, are easy to fit and that they last the lifetime of the car.
Lockwood International Ltd

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