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Birmingham based Leemark Spinnings offers everything that you could possibly need from a metal forming service in order for our customers to get superb metal working, advice and guidance with a fast turn around service. Our experts currently undertake metal forming and metal spinning projects for a large range of components within many sectors of industry. Our impressive range of metal spinning services include light fittings, trophies, trendy stereo speakers all to customer's designs in all metals and finishes. From tiny spot lights ranging through to very large decorative street lights canopies for patio heaters - we can do it all! Using our metal forming and metal spinning expertise Leemark Spinnings have also created a varied collection of aluminum and stainless steel planters to display both artificial and real plants, plus a collection of desktop and sideboard planters for smaller displays. We also have a range of much larger fabricated trough planters available for when something more dramatic is required. So if you are interested in any of our impressive metal forming and metal spinning services then please contact the expert engineers at Leemark Spinnings and we'll be happy to hear your requirements.

LeeMark Spinnings Ltd
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