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WELCOME TO LEABANK SHIELDING We are very pleased to wlecome you to our website and hope you are able to find everything you need. Leabank Shielding specialise in spray painting a wide range of components for industry and has established itself as a company which believes in giving customer satisfaction for quality, technical expertise and delivery with the ability to advise on the design and manufacture of the product, and the application of the shielding to gain the best result. Our factory is controlled and organised to give complete flexibility in operations and production for coating plastic and metal components to the highest quality standards, whilst offering production turnaround to suit all customers. We are backed by a wealth of experience and long term relationships with specialist paint manufacturers and pride ourselves on being able to give advice in offering the most suitable protective coating for any product to withstand the conditions under which it will be expected to perform.
Leabank Shielding Ltd

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