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About Us

Landquip Ltd are primarily agricultural crop sprayer manufacturers situated in Fressingfield, Suffolk in the UK. Our range can vary from quadbike and amenity sprayers suitable for paddocks, football pitches, golf courses and vineyards right up to large mounted, trailed, demount as well as self propelled sprayers covering thousands of acres each annum. Here at Landquip we have been the UK importers/distributors for Pommier Alu-light booms for 26 years and fit the Pommier boom to all Landquip arable crop sprayers. These are exceptionally well-engineered, world leading aluminium booms which are considerably lighter than steel but are highly robust and resistant to liquid fertiliser. The corresponding reduction in overall weight of the machines reduces the power requirements and provides a near perfect weight distribution with the optimum weight on the drawbar guaranteeing good traction from full to empty on trailed, demount as well as self propelled sprayers. Customer service and satisfaction are extremely important to us. We are more than happy to tailor a machine to meet the customer's specific needs and requirements as we appreciate that every need is different.
Landquip Ltd

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