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Rainbow Crew Socks

Unleash your creativity and add some colour to your next big event! Crafted from a blend of eco-friendly materials like Euro Eco CottonUpcycled Cotton, and GOTS Organic Cotton, Kingly’s Classic Crew Socks are stylish and guilt-free. Our socks are designed to turn heads and keep you comfortable and ready for anything, making them the perfect promotional gift for anyone.


With our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quick production turnaround, you can trust Kingly to deliver high-quality rainbow socks that make a statement. 


Step into the world of comfort and style with Kingly's Classic Crew Socks—the reigning champions of sock supremacy, commanding a whopping 65% of our sales! These socks are custom-knitted to perfection, allowing you to tailor their height to suit your preference. Intricately woven with up to 6 vibrant colors, boasting a complex knit design that stretches seamlessly across the entirety of the fabric.


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