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Kingly revolutionize sock manufacturing offering unmatched benefits

Experience superior comfort with our extra soft, pre-shrunk cotton, enriched with additional softener for an even softer touch. Kingly’s enhanced durability, thanks to a cotton strengthener, ensures longevity; your socks will last much longer with proper care.

Our socks are infused with Polygiene “Stays Fresh” antimicrobial silver powder effectively inhibits microbial growth within the socks. This diminishes the need for frequent washing and banishes unwanted odors. The technology is a game-changer in shrinking the environmental footprint of garments in general, as this prolongs their durability.

And the best part? All these additions and unmatched benefits are guaranteed for the life of the socks. We are committed to the highest level of quality, safety and sustainability, ensuring that the benefits of these OEKO-TEX certified enhancements last for the entire lifespan of your socks.

Enjoy lasting comfort and durability with every step along with 10 planted trees per order through our collaboration with Greenspark. They support UN-accredited projects that fight reforestation and extreme poverty through tree planning.

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