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JMS was originally written by a Somerset Programmer, Dave Turner, who in 1983 had been approached by a joiner wanting software that could produce estimates and cutting lists for bespoke joinery (windows, sliding sash and doors). Nothing else was available at that time, and Dave produced the software to the joiner’s specification. The joiner ran this software for nearly 20 years in his workshop and LOVED IT. The software was originally written for the BBC micro computer and then written under Microsoft DOS. No graphics were included at this time, but the programme was still very powerful. Dave Turner was a self employed computer programmer with a background of designing large systems ranging from controlling jet engines to running large typesetting machines in the printing industry. In 2001, Dave’s sons (Alan and Tom) joined his software business, SomCom Ltd. Kimveda Ltd was also formed to sell JMS under licence from SomCom. The three of them decided to redesign the software to run under Microsoft Windows. The new program, Joinery Management System, while a far cry from the earlier prototype, still has joiners’ needs at its heart. The design ethos from the start has been to produce software ‘by joiners, for joiners, in joinery language’. The goal was to produce joinery software that simply required joinery knowledge, not computer knowledge to use. Utilising graphical images that show the joiner exactly what he is getting, JMS was designed to be simple to use. Kimveda Ltd launched JMS at Woodmex in October, 2004. Joiners were queuing up for a demonstration at its launch; 150 demonstrations took place over 4 days! There are now over 110 systems throughout the UK and Ireland, customers can be found in Scotland, Devon, Pembrokeshire, Kent, Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland, to name a few. The marketing licence from Kimveda Ltd came to an end in June 2006. At this time, Joinerysoft Ltd bought JMS from SomCom and now offers an expanded range of JMS software. Despite the change, Joinerysoft has agreed to support JMS existing customers. Joinerysoft’s Managing Director, Alan Turner, comments “The hand over has been so seamless that customers should not notice any difference. We believe that Joinerysoft Ltd offers a company name that is more joinery focused and meaningful to JMS customers.” The support team which built up good customer relations with JMS customers has also joined Joinerysoft, ensuring customer continuity. Joinerysoft still maintain the ‘by joiners, for joiners’ ethos, including within their development team, a number of working joiners who help design, provide technical advice and also test the software to ensure that it remains user friendly and comprehensive. Enhancements based on customer feedback are constantly being introduced to ensure that JMS offers joiners a bespoke joinery system second to none.
Joinerysoft Ltd

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