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About Us

Established in 1945 by John Beaumont, John Beaumont Ltd, situated in Huddersfield since 1991, stands as a proud and independent contributor to the town's rich manufacturing history. Their longevity is a testament to their ability to adapt to evolving technology and market demands. Over the years, they've tailored their methods and equipment to meet diverse requirements, drawing from a well of experience accumulated through decades of collective service. With records and stores acting as a company archive, they maintain enduring relationships, with some customers spanning over 30 years.


John Beaumont Ltd provides a unique opportunity for customers by specializing in the design and engineering of quality parts that enhance various products. Whether working from customer drawings, samples, or engaging in joint development, they offer a bespoke, personal service. The ability to create custom tools when needed sets them apart. Their personalised approach allows them to provide solutions for businesses of all sizes, from multinational corporations requiring prototype development to artisanal makers. The company's diversity in work is certain to surprise and impress, inviting potential clients to explore the unique offerings firsthand.

John Beaumont Ltd

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