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Jason has been designing, consulting and installing lighting systems for more than 20 years, taking enjoyment in transforming build projects with intelligent but simple lighting designs. With a background as a working Electrician, Jason found particular enthusiasm in lighting design. As a result he takes on a practical view when consulting – in turn his lighting designs are not just individual for the client but they are also installer friendly. With over 25 years of experience in electrical contracting we can provide many different types of electrical services. These can vary rom rewiring a complete house to putting up a light fitting. We also work with Landlords and Letting agents providing highly competitive rates for Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICR's). As the electrical industry evolves we constantly move with the times. One sector that has changed considerably is lighting. We are able to offer advice regarding lighting control within the home, which includes the control of LED's. We offer advice on energy consumption which will save you money.
JEC Oxford and London Lighting

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