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Digital Transducers
Digital Transducers - available from Innovative Measurement Technology.High resolution, Precision and the ability to measure the dimensions at the same time as the shape and position deviations as well as the possibility to set up multigauge stations are some of the advantages of inductance transducers applications.IMECO manufactures the gauge electronics for a number of such applications. The frequency type of assessment is the basis for the top quality metrological characteristics. Deviations from the linear alignment of the transducers have no influence on the precision of the measurement and even the highest resolution of 0,01 ?m is usable for the whole of transducers range. In addition to the above mentioned metrological characteristics, attention is given to displaying the results visually as well as to maintaining the system continuity when setting up complicated applications which are assessed by computer, including the transport of data for the database and statistical programmesFor all your digital transducers and enquiries, please contact us.

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