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Aberlink HORIZON 800 CNC CMM
Starting the linear driver revolution The Horizon 800 CMM breaks new ground in design and innovation using frictionless linear drives, which are the key to its fast and exceptionally smooth motion. The granite table and granite Y-axis rail has been designed to take full advantage of the natural thermal density of this remarkable material. The Y-axis linear drive system has been positioned away from the Y-axis linear encoder so that the heat generated by the linear drive is absorbed by the granite without affecting metrology performance. Key features - Linear motors offer frictionless, smooth, silent motion - Thermal isolation of motors from metrology structure - Smooth motion ideal for contact scanning - Aberlink?s revolutionary easy-to-use measurement software - Shortest learning curve of any equivalent system ? 1 day without prior CMM experience - Choice of Y axis sizes ranging from 1000mm to 1600mm - Suitable for the workshop environment - Industrial joystick supplied as standard - Free stylus change rack with every motorised probe head upgrade High performance, high accuracy The Horizon 800 is a standout machine with fast, smooth, silent motion ideally suited to contact scanning and with a first-term accuracy specification of under two microns. Unrivalled Reliability Linear motors are non-contact and therefore have no wearing parts and thus provide the perfect solution for CMM drives, improving reliability and reducing maintenance.

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