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Aberlink AXIOM Too HS CMM
Eliminate inspection bottlenecks Since 2004 the Axiom too CMM has been providing manufacturing industry with a fast and accurate solution for their measurement problems. Improving on the standard model, the Axiom too HS is both faster and more accurate without compromising the fantastic value for money for which Aberlink CMMs are renowned. Key features - Aberlink?s revolutionary easy-to-use measurement software - Shortest learning curve of any equivalent system ? 1 day without prior CMM experience - Smallest overall footprint of any comparable size CMM - Choice of Y axis sizes ranging from 600mm to 1500mm - 0.0001mm linear encoders for superior accuracy - Zero backlash drive system for quicker acceleration and faster travel - Suitable for the workshop environment - Optimised friction free air bearings, all aluminium bridge and granite table - Free stylus change rack with every motorised probe head upgrade Rapid Performance Rather than using the belt drive system, the Axiom too HS incorporates drive rod technology developed on our larger machines and vision products. This allows even greater accelerations to be achieved meaning that the HS model measures approximately 20% quicker than the standard variant ? ideal for high volume measurement. Uncompromising Accuracy The Axiom too HS also utilises 0.1?m resolution scales on each axis. Incorporated with state-of-the-art error mapping techniques this means that the HS model is extremely accurate ? ideal for measuring tight tolerances.

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