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We're the UK's best value mobile planetarium services for schools and businesses, starting from only £250 with no VAT to pay. All of our services are brought to your door, no matter where you are in the UK. Over 1000 children a day can go through our planetariums, and with some of the UK’s best science communicators, we promise your children will be left speechless by syllabus-linked performances and the worlds largest catalogue of 360° educational films. We have stood out for years, namely because the company was founded by one of the UK's top planetarium educators, who not only founded the UK's most progressive planetarium company, but has worked for some of the UK's most respected planetariums establishments and museums. At the heart of our ethos is, every child deserves to experience this level of creative education. To ensure we reach as many children as possible, we boast the lowest cost per child in the country at around £1 - £2 per a child and charge 25p/mile which is the lowest. Add of this to the fact you receive unlimited shows during the day and have access to the worlds largest show catalogue, we pride ourselves as being a company which is truly in touch with the schools needs.
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