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The amphibious all terrain crawler vehicle is a joint-development product by Hi-soon and Jonyang Company. We provide OEM and customized service to cross-continental clients. Hunan Hi-Soon Supply Chain it is an enterprise based on the global market and committed to international production capacity cooperation. Commit to developing high-end engineering equipment of international advanced level- centered on the future development trends of manufacturing industry, i.e. “High Efficiency, High Profits, High Cycle, Low Consumption, Low Pollution, Low Emission, Intelligence, Informatization, and Network”, we committed to the R&D of international advanced emergency rescue robots which feature smart technologies, electric drive, green and energy-saving, and diversified energy sources. Various professional technical talents - we own a team of over 370 technical staff, among whom, 66 have senior titles and 266 have medium titles, and there are also experts who receive government allowance, provincial-level experts, and municipal-level experts, technological leaders, and young backbone staff who have high expertise and practical experience. Focusing on talent capital and has enrolled excellent specialized talents and built an incentive system for staff development.
Hunan Supply Chain Company

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