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Hostile Environment Training Ltd provide bespoke training, designed to help your staff prepare for and mitigate risks and challenges inherent in operating in unfamiliar and often hostile environments. Hostile environments exist in many emerging markets, which are normally undeveloped economies situated in countries often characterized by political conflict, high levels of corruption, weak law enforcement and extensive competitive malpractice. On completion of our hostile environment awareness training course, your staff will be better prepared and equipped to manage the threats that may result in the loss of life, limb and liberty. By your staff attending this course ‘duty of care’ as an employer can be demonstrated and any claims for negligence successfully disputed. Apart from practical survival skills and knowledge in how to cope with a stressful hostage or a disaster situation, your staff will also learn the importance of information security. By understanding the security protocols that should be followed, your company’s reputation and operations will remain secure. The training combines both theoretical and practical elements and is delivered to your employees by highly experienced professionals.
Hostile Environment Training Ltd

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