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Honest Translation Offering high quality translations at competitive prices. Vision Helping clients around the world expand seamlessly into any global Market, and enabling mutual benefits arising from different cultures. Translation is a powerful business growth tool when applied in the right way. Our mission In both a challenging economic environment and a period of market exchange, you need an experienced Translation Services provider (Honest Translation) to help you accomplish your business translation needs. Honest Translations, works with large, medium and small companies on a daily basis for all their business translations requirements. Having a multinational/multicultural marks is an absolute must in today’s global economy. To compete effectively, you and your organization will need high-quality translation services to support your business activities. Honest Translation offers high quality translations at competitive prices. Even more important is the quality of the translation. A mistake in a translation can have dramatic consequences. To define translation is rather simple; to explain what translation entails is quite another matter. Explaining this phenomenon has been the subject matter of translation theory throughout history. In Particular, the strong relationships we build with agency members, upper management, partner organizations and all stakeholders often result in win-win situation. Process: In order to guarantee high quality we ensure the following: • All translators are native speakers. • All translators have successfully completed a degree in translation and/or have a degree or relevant experience in a specific field. • All the translations are checked by another translator. • An experienced project leader acts as your contact person. • We build a client portfolio and a client specific translation memory. Our Translators are selected according to their specialist skills in areas requiring in-depth knowledge of industry terminology such as technical translation - financial translation, legal translation and marketing translation. With a network of over 100 specialist translators world-wide, there’s a friendly, language-loving translator available to help at any time. Objective: Client satisfaction is our main Target Philosophy Our Philosophy is based upon customer service, quality and flexibility Believing in a focused approach to a language combination with subject areas allows us to provide the most accurate and professional translations. For each translation job, we provide an estimate of our turnaround time, and you can expect to receive a completed job exactly on or even ahead of schedule. Samah Abdelfattah Co-founder
Honest Translation
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