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Hand Tools by Henri Picard and Frere Ltd have been used by craftsmen and professionals for over 155 years. PICARD makes excellent tweezers, pliers, and other precision instruments. On Horologists' benches, in various sorts of Electronics manufacturers, Engineering workshops, Universities, Research Institutes, and Power Stations, our goods can be found. Our items are primarily sourced from Europe, and they provide excellent value and quality, as well as courteous and professional service. We attempt to match your technical requirement to the optimum material & kind with literally hundreds of various Tweezers to pick from, as well as a major selection. Tweezer users like to stick with brands that they claim have "the correct feel"... and we appreciate the repeat business that proves that a PICARD Tweezer is an excellent item to have on hand. The company was founded in La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland in 1857. It developed as a family-owned Watch/clockmakers supply company with 4 branches: La Chaux de Fonds, Morteau, Paris and London. The dominant operations were London, covering the Empire and Switzerland supplying "non" Empire countries. London also developed as a principal supplier to Jewellers, Precision Engineers and Electronics Manufacturers. Despite being bombed in World War II, London continued to develop and became the sole Branch by the mid-'60s. However many of the products are still sourced from the Swiss / French border zone that traditionally supplied so many of the precision hands tools. We offer a friendly professional service and we are known for our enthusiastic professionalism. Most of the products we supply are sourced directly from the manufacturers, cutting some of the cost and enhancing Quality. We are always on the lookout for new & improved products by visiting trade shows.
Henri Picard and Frere Ltd

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