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Halcyon Solutions is an independant company specialising in the sale, installation and maintenance of instrumentation, monitoring equipment and systems to UK industry, with a bias towards the environment agencies, drainage boards, PLC water companies and industrial users/dischargers of both clean and dirty water. Products and Services include.....Automatic Water Samplers, Flowmeters, On Line Water Quality Measurement, Rain Gauges - Tipping Bucket and Daily, Shaft Encoders & Systems, Borehole and Groundwater Data Loggers, DipTape Meters, Fluid Level Sensors - Fixed and Portable, Air and Water Temperature Probes, Telemetry Master Stations and Outstations, Transducers and Transmitters, Oil on Water Dipmeters, Water Quality Logging Systems - Portable and Long Term Meteorological Instruments and Weather Stations, Data Loggers, GRP Kiosks, Flumes and Weirs, Automation & Refurbishment of Sluices and Gates, Customised Applications and Solutions, Flood Warning Stations and Systems - Design and Build, Batteries, Tools and Glass Measures.
Halcyon Solutions

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