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My Goats Milk Soap is a pure product which is made with 100% raw goats milk, natural oils and shea butter. It is gentle on the skin with a creamy moisturising lather due to the fat content in the milk, which also has gentle exfoliating properties. The soap contains no Parabens or preservatives; it is truly back to nature. Goats milk contains many vitamins and is particularly high in vitamin A which is necessary to maintain healthy skin. It also contains selenium which can help prevent damage to the skin from excessive time in the sun. In addition to the goat's milk, the basic soap contains olive oil, cleansing coconut oil, responsibly sourced creamy palm oil and in some, conditioning shea butter. A choice of soaps containing botanicals is also available, i.e. Lavender, Orange, Tee Tree and more as you can see.
Goat in a Soap
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