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G.C. Metals has been at the forefront of precious metals reclamation services since 1971 and provides services to some of the biggest firms in world industry. With forty years of independent bullion dealer and refining experience, we have developed processes, techniques and contacts that enable us to offer you a complete end-to-end solution. Our ultimate objective is to maximise precious metal reclaim yields.


We like to work closely with our customers and tailor the refining processes to suit their needs. By focusing on this one simple objective, our customers are continually benefiting, enjoying cost-savings, maximised reclaim yields and a better quality of service. Every customer is different.


Our customers range from large electronics manufacturers, jewellery manufacturers, waste asset managers, dental technicians as well as individuals with some precious metal bearing material - to list but a few! No matter what type of client you are we have the appropriate individual solution that will maximise your reclaim yields. We have a team with extensive technical experience and knowledge that is well-positioned to tackle your reclaim needs of today.


With our constant investment in new techniques and practices, we are devising new processes that, combined with our approach, will tackle your reclaim needs of tomorrow. Enjoy cost-savings, maximised reclaim yields and a better quality of care. Trust is the most important basis for the success of a refinery. Trust presupposes care, reliability and competence. Link text

GC Metals Ltd

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