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Gas cylinders UK was started in 2002 after purchasing two of the biggest and best gas cylinder companies J and K gases and Easy Gas in the North West, since then gas cylinders UK has invested heavily into the business to become one of the top gas cylinder companies in England. Major working hours and money has gone into retesting of cylinders for pre test filling, a service that competitors don’t offer and can’t offer. Gas cylinders UK have succesfully completed TPED Modual 2, Gas Cylinders UK have a UKAS Accreditaton as an Approved & Notified Body AB9 2230 Type B - ISO 17020 Inspection All of the cylinders meet the high standard of food and beer grade. Whatever cylinders you require we can meet your needs here at Gas cylinders UK from butane to propane, auto gas and easiflow beer gas. Ordering beer gas before 12.00pm guarantees same day delivery (within the north west of England) after 12.00pm next day. Here at Gas cylinders UK we are proud to offer helium gas too visit the online store for more details and offers.
Gas Cylinders UK Ltd

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