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One product that frequently makes use of sustainable foils is the wedding invitation. We want to look at this here in more detail, focusing on when to send them. This is something to think about if you choose bespoke designs and add foil as you need to factor in the time it takes to make them.

Formal invites typically get sent out at least six to eight weeks prior to the ceremony. Sometimes, it is twelve weeks in advance. As for save-the-date cards, they usually go six to twelve months before the event.

With many weddings taking place at busy times of the year though, the more time your guests have the better. This is especially important if the venue is in a far-off destination.

Things don’t have to be stressful

Sustainable foilsDesigning, printing, and distributing wedding invites doesn’t have to be stressful. There will be enough of that as you arrange the day itself. That comes with the territory. At minimum though, you can at least get the invites done so you will be able to tick it off your checklist. Not to mention, it is an excellent way of getting things going.

While save-the-dates do say “we are getting married on this day”, the formal invites should provide all the crucial details. That includes the wedding’s theme, text actually inviting people, and the proceedings’ date, time, and location. You can use sustainable foils to highlight the info.

Chances are you’ll need an exact headcount for caterers and seating arrangements. In this event, you’ll want to include an RSVP date for final numbers. Set the date two to three weeks before the actual wedding date. It will give you time to give the venue and staff sufficient notice on the number of guests.

Preventing confusion

The wedding invite is also a chance for you tell everyone whether you want to have them at the ceremony. Alternatively, you may want them exclusively as a guest for the celebration/reception. It is normal to create two distinct versions of your invitations to cover this difference. There can be one arrival time for reception guests and another for ceremony guests. Supplying one time on every wedding invite, and having two versions of it printed, can prevent a lot of confusion.

Send your formal invitations a few weeks before the ceremony. Ten to twelve weeks should do. However, if there is something out of the ordinary about the wedding, you should give notice to guests. If things are happening thousands of miles away, some will need to sort out travel and accommodation.

Designing the invites

To end off, we will talk a little about the invite’s design. On the formal invitations, start off with your names in a massive foil print. You can use sustainable foils for this with ease. Follow that with a formal line of text actually inviting the recipients. Underneath mention meal and entertainment arrangements included in the reception.

After this, include the time of your ceremony and/or reception depending on who the invite is for. Next, include your wedding date directly under the time. Then you can put the specific address of the relevant venues. End things off with details about where people can find more information. If you want to be fancy, you can include a custom monogram of both your initials. Or, you can have a full-page design to fill the rest of the card, something tailored to you.

Use our services if you want sustainable foils

At Foiling Services, we focus on being green and meeting the challenges of any project. Whatever feature or pattern it is you want bringing to a product, we can make it happen.

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