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Pioneers in Fire Barrier Technology & Fire Rated Products Established for over 140 years, TBA Textiles Ltd is one of the world’s leading developers, manufacturers and suppliers of High Performance Fire Rated Textiles. We prioritise research and development and invest heavily in new materials, construction methods and fire protection technology. This, and our amazing team, we wholeheartedly believe is what makes us the market leaders in Fire Rated Products and Fire Protection Hoods. Our success stems from intelligent management of our global markets, constant development of our worldwide network of agents/distributors and the close working relationship we have forged with our customers. We pay particular attention to the latter, assisting wherever possible to strengthen and grow their businesses. Fire Rated Doors, Hatches, Hoods & Covers TBA Textiles produces an extensive range of products for use in specific areas and for specialised applications. Our Fire Rated products include Fire Rated Hoods, Fire Rated Canopies, Fire Rated Covers, Fire Rated Doors, Fire Rated Hatches, Fire Rated Tents and a whole range of Downlight Fire Protection products. The company is, effectively, split into three separate departments: FIREFLY Fire Barriers, Thermal Insulation Textiles; and Speciality Products FIREFLY was developed as an alternative Fire Barrier to Asbestos, which ceased production in the early 90’s. Produced from woven and non-woven glass, FIREFLY manufactures Fire Barriers from materials which are non-respirable, lightweight and easily installed. FIREFLY was the first Company to offer a flexible Fire Barrier to the market, giving not just fire resistance properties but also products that would stop the heat transferring through the fire barrier, in the event of a fire.
FireFly Hoods
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