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Here at Barnsley Carpet and Sofa Cleaners we specialise in cleaning carpets, rugs, fabric and leather sofas and have done so in Barnsley for over 10 years. We are a friendly, non-franchised, small local business with a very high standard of expertise. Upon arrival at your premises the carpets and/or sofa will be evaluated to assess which method of cleaning will be most suitable.Dry cleaning is used for delicate fabrics and lightly soiled items. However, more heavily soiled carpets and sofas will need to be rinsed using our professional hot water extraction machine. After the cleaning method has been established the detergent will be sprayed directly onto the carpets or upholstery and left to dwell. This is done in order to allow the cleaning solution time to penetrate the fibres and loosen the dirt, aided by agitation using an hand brush. At this stage of the cleaning process stains can be removed using specialist stain removers. For the more heavily soiled suites this is when the dirty solution is rinsed out using a powerful hot water extraction machine, leaving your carpets and sofa free of dirt and cleaning solution. Alternatively, if the dry clean method is being used, the sofa is instead towel dried leaving it clean, deodorised, stain guarded and almost dry.
Barnsley Sofa Cleaners
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