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EWM provides a full range of products that covers the entire welding process from welding power source to wire feeds, intermediate hose packages, torch systems and welding consumables. All components are coordinated with each other down to the finest detail in order to provide the best possible welding results. All aspects of our products are taken care of in-house, from development, planning and construction to manufacture, calibration and the final function test. You have the advantage of only having one contact partner, who is directly available to you with advice and service. We therefore take technological responsibility for the entire welding process. The EWM group is continuously expanding its global presence. About 450 employees are currently working at seven sites in Germany and abroad. As well as this, we have close proximity to our customers via our 300 sales and service support points, 40 of which are in our domestic market in Germany alone.
EWM Hightec Welding UK Ltd
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