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ESTS are specialists who manufacturer the well-established range of autoclaves & steam sterilizers ranging from 100 to 6000 litres. Our capability is such that we design and manufacture both ‘standard’ and bespoke autoclaves for the laboratory, pharmaceutical, clinical & veterinary sectors. All autoclaves are designed, manufactured, and installed in accordance with the requirements of internationally recognised standards. Our autoclaves suit a wide range of applications including multi-purpose laboratories, high security containment labs, hospital sterile services, pharmaceutical and veterinary sterilization rooms. ESTS are renowned for build quality, reliability and bespoke products which are all backed by our excellent team of service technicians providing service agreements covering all types and makes of autoclaves, steam sterilizers and washer disinfectors. With a highly skilled team of Service Technicians, ESTS offer a variety of service agreements covering all types and makes of autoclaves and washer disinfectors tailored to suit your requirements.
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