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Encore Machinery is a young, dynamic company, which has quickly established its position providing highly automated on-line and stand-alone folding machines for the printing and mailing industries. Mike Biggs brought twenty years experience in the print finishing industry, mostly in selling MB and Shoei folders and Thando pile turners, when he set up Encore in 2001. It immediately took over the UK distribution of the MB range of folders. MB was the first company to develop a range of computer controlled folders up to 52 cm in size, bringing automation and simplicity of set-up to the medium format market. At IPEX, Encore previewed the range of Shoei folders, which range in size from 56cm to 112cm, and in October 2002, they were appointed the sole UK distributor. Shoei was the first folder manufacturer to launch a large format folder with automatic changing of buckle plates, roller pressure settings, deflectors, head lays and side lays, all helping to reduce set up times. "We have given the sole agency to Encore because we are confident that they will do a good job for us, as they have many years' experience in selling our folders," said Mr N. Arai, Shoei's worldwide Export Director. Managing Director, Mike Biggs said, "We now have the largest range of folding machines available in the UK. MB and Shoei are very innovative manufacturers and both lead the field in computerised folding to meet today's requirements for high quality and fast turn round." Encore have also focused their attention on bringing together a range of equipment to improve productivity and health and safety aspects in the print finishing department. This includes the sole UK distribution for Thando pile turners, which range from B2 to 1200 x 1600cm in size with optional programmable air, tilt and jog. They have been selling the Desta range of stand alone and on-line delivery systems for the last year and have recently been given sole distribution in the UK. The Desta delivery range of pressing, stacking, banding and bundling solutions can be integrated on to any make of folder, stitching machine or binding line, dramatically increasing production of folding and finishing lines. This range can be tailored to satisfy any specialised applications in the finishing area, like small formats and pharmaceutical products. They are also the UK distributor for Pit Stop Creasers, a range of manual and suction fed scoring and perforating machines, which handle stocks from 80 to 600 gsm. The Challenge range of drilling machines complement Encore's product portfolio of finishing equipment and the heavy duty MS5 drilling machine fits very well alongside the MB and Shoei folders. Encore can also supply a complete range of keenly priced drill bits for all major types of drilling machines, including Hang, NFPE, Challenge, Iram and Soag and a comprehensive range of hooks, needles and punches for all the major types of sewing machines. In a relatively short time, Encore have established themselves as one of the foremost specialists in print finishing in the UK with installations across a wide range of commercial, inplant and mailing companies. They are constantly expanding their products offering to bring new and innovative equipment to this area. Their showroom, offices and service department are located in modern premises at Unit 3, Apex Business Centre, Boscombe Road, Dunstable, Bedfordshire
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