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INJECTION MOULDING AND MOULD TOOLMAKING We have earned a very wide ranging customer base with customers ranging from car manufacturers to food manufacturers and from point of sale to pharmaceuticals, we have an enviable reputation of quality and service throughout the plastics industry ​ ​"eMould (uk) Ltd have been producing quality product for over 40 years. We have a reputation for producing innovative solutions to the most challenging problems."
Ron Edwards We are Continuously investing in the latest technology, meaning we are as up to date as you would expect from a modern manufacturing facility in the 21st Century. Our latest acquisitions include two new Borche moulding machines. We are producing the highest quality product faster and more detailed than ever before. ​ Fast turnaround samples are where we score the highest than almost anyone else in the industry. Our customers constantly return time and again because they know they can trust us and rely on us. We understand how important promised delivery times are, especially during production runs or fast turnaround samples. ​ Our Leicester based manufacturing plant supplies customers worldwide, yet we still offer a friendly, personal service to each customer whether they be large or small.
eMould (uk) Ltd

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