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Earlswood offer a 24-hour emergency call out service to cover accidents or non-functional doors. Our aim is to secure the lift for the building and if possible complete the repair at the same visit. Free estimations of all costs of major damage would be forwarded before commencement of the repair. Earlswood have experienced teams of engineers available to repair or install all types of gates and doors on all types of lifts. They are trained to attend site without the need of a lift engineer to assist them. Whether it’s repairing a shutter gate, lattice gate or installing a new bottom track or slam post, we have the experience and trained teams to complete the works. Heath & Safety is a major issue to all companies and our knowledge on the specialized products that are manufactured by Earlswood is second to none. We pride ourselves on our engineers being fully trained on the latest best and safest working practices and comply with the current Heath & Safety Regulations.

For more information on Repair installation talk to Earlswood Industrial Services Ltd

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