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Dixon Group Europe Ltd, based in the North West of England, is part of the Dixon Valve & Coupling Company Chestertown, USA), the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of hose, hose fittings and coupling products for use across a wide range of industries. We have provided "the right connection" for many companies a broad range of industries. Dixon Group Europe are premium manufacturers of Metallic, Composite, Rubber, PTFE, Silicon and Food and Beverage hose assemblies; we can offer the widest product solutions for today's tough environmental world. Typical duties include air, water, steam, oil, food, chemical and general purpose. The Dixon Group is growing and diversifying all the time order to ensure we meet the requirements of our customers. This steady growth means that we can satisfy our customers needs but at the same time continue to support customers with a high level of service. Dixon Europe have built up a reputation for our expertise, in-depth product knowledge, technical support and unrivalled quality. We also pride ourselves on the bespoke design of products and applications to meet individual customer requirements. It is our aim that we can become your "one stop" supplier for all your hose and coupling requirements. By understanding our customer's needs we can develop our business to serve you better. Quick Release Couplings Dixon's complete range of quick release couplings and hose fittings is precision designed and engineered to the highest specification. These couplings are available in a range of sizes and materials and are interchangeable with many existing manufacturer products to meet the demands of today's markets Hygienic Hose and Hose Fittings Dixon Europe now offers hose assemblies and a full range of stainless steel hygienic fittings and valves for use in the food, dairy, beverage, brewery, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Fittings are available in a variety of fitting types (RJT, SMS, DIN, IDF & Triclamp) with sizes from ½” - 12” that meets or exceeds 3A standards. Recently added to the hygienic range is the centrifugal pump designed for use in hygienic applications. The Dixon “C” series pumps are 100% interchangeable with your existing “C” series pumps. All spare parts are fully interchangeable with other “C” series pumps currently in use. This means existing spare part stock is 100% usable on the Dixon C Series pumps and visa versa With 316 Stainless steel construction and 100% testing prior to shipping the C Series pump from Dixon is the ideal choice for your fluid handling needs. The Dixon range of suction and delivery hoses are much lighter and more flexible than conventional food & brewers hose and are especially suitable for use with product where completely odourless and taste-free rubber is required. Dixon Tanker Products Dixon offers a comprehensive range of high performance equipment for use on dry bulk and petroleum tankers including overfill protection equipment. An excellent range of tank storage protection equipment including pressure & vacuum relief valves, emergency relief valves and gauge hatches supplement the range. Dixon Europe are proud to have recently acquired 94/9/EC ATEX certification for the Bayco range of overfill detection products. The ATEX directive applies where products are being used in potentially explosive environments/atmospheres. Manufacturers/suppliers must ensure their products meet the essential health and safety requirements and undergo appropriate conformity procedure to be allowed the work in these environments. Overfill detection is the secondary shut off system used on petroleum tankers to prevent overfilling during the terminal leading process. The 94/9/EC ATEX approval on the Bayco range of probes and optic sensor systems now allows for CE Marking enabling Dixon to fulfil customer requirements within Europe. Certification ensures that the Bayco equipment is fit for its intended purpose. Dixon Bayco manufactures a full range of sensors, monitors and sockets compatible with Scully & Civacon systems. The Bayco product range consists of Petroleum and Dry Bulk tanker fittings, Adaptors, Valves, Nozzles and Overfill Detection Equipment. Customer Service & Technical Support Our Customer Service Centre is open 8am until 5.30pm Monday to Friday where our efficient team with over 100 years experience in hose, couplings, products and applications is waiting to answer your call. At Dixon Group Europe we value our customer service skill and always strive to give you an answer to your query as soon as possible. Quality Standards & Continuous Improvement Our manufacturing and engineering facilities are approved by BSI and comply with ISO 9001 requirements and can design and produce individual customised products to find solutions to fluid & air handling problems. Dixon Group Europe are now certified to Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC to manufacture flexible hose assemblies. Notified Body: Lloyds Register Quality Assurance, Identification No: 0038 Warehousing Our large warehouse facility in Preston Lancashire holds approximately £3million worth of stock to ensure we can meet a customer's demand and is located within close proximity to prime transport systems. Worldwide Support The Dixon Group supports its customers world-wide from an extensive network of distribution centres. We have operations based across Europe, North & South America & Asia. Dixon has strategically located warehousing combined with significant inventory tailored to individual customer needs to provide a global service. Products & Services 1. Hose Pressure Testing 2. Adapters & Fittings 3. Hose Fittings 4. Swaged Fittings 5. Metallic Hose Assemblies 6. Cam & Groove 7. Cam & Groove couplings 8. Clamps 9. Couplings 10. DIN Couplings 11. Holedall 12. Swaging Machines 13. Metallic Hose 14. Hose 15. Hoses 16. Industrial Hose 17. Fluid Handling 18. Hydraulic Fittings 19. Hygienic Fittings 20. PTFE Hose 21. PTFE Hose Assemblies 22. PVC Hose 23. PVC Hose Assemblies 24. Silicone Hose 25. Silicone Hose Assemblies 26. Composite Hose Assemblies 27. Quick Connect Couplings 28. Sanitary Food Hoses 29. Steam Couplings 30. Steam Hose 31. Steam Hose Assemblies 32. Tank Truck Fittings 33. Valves 34. Safety Valves 35. Water Couplings 36. Safety Clamps 37. ISO A Couplings 38. ISO B Couplings 39. Interchange Couplings 40. Dry Disconnects 41. Hose Assemblies 42. Fuelling Nozzles 43. Boss Fittings 44. Fuel Reeling Hose 45. Delivery hoses 46. Hose Reels 47. Suction & Delivery Hose 48. Hygienic Hoses 49. High/Low Pressure Couplings 50. Flanges 51. Dinga Guns 52. Agri-locks 53. Swivel Joints 54. Sight Glasses 55. Wash Down Guns 56. ATEX Approved Overfill Sensors 57. Overfill Sensors 58. ATEX 59. Rotary Hose 60. Tanker Fittings 61. Internal Swaging Machine 62. Pipe Fittings 63. Pressure Equipment Directive 64. Centrifugal Pump 65. C Type Pump 66. Actuated Valves 67. DIN 2828 68. Hammer Lug Unions 69. Reducers 70. Gaskets 71. Convoluted Hose 72. Smooth Bore Hose 73. Boss Stems 74. Industrial Couplings 75. Flexible Hose 76. Dixon Couplings 77. Water Hose 78. Air Hose 79. Food Hose 80. Air Couplings 81. Stainless Steel Fittings 82. Rjt fittings 83. Compressor Couplings 84. Brewery hose 85. Pump hoses 86. Ferrules 87. Pipe Couplings 88. Pipe Fittings 89. Pipe Connectors
Dixon Group Europe Ltd
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