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DHJ Window & Gutter Cleaning is an expert exterior cleaning company that is well known for its aptitude, know-how and dexterity in providing excellent results when it comes to the cleaning of your rain gutter, downspout, roof pitch and window. With headquarters in Chelmsford, Essex, DHJ Window & Gutter Cleaning is a firm that hundreds of clients depend on. It is equally revered for their competence in getting the job done right and also for their professionalism and friendly customer service. Over here at DHJ Window & Gutter Cleaning, service with a smile isn’t a mere catchphrase but rather a commitment! We carry out window cleaning utilising an effective combination of various tools like chamois leather, a squeegee, a ladder, a water fed pole and most of all, purified water. We are so specific when it comes to this that we even gauge the total dissolved solids in the water with a TDS meter. DHJ Window & Gutter Cleaning is also a specialist in cleaning the rain gutter, which is a vital part of your building that routinely gets ignored. There’s an expensive price to pay when you fail to clean the gutter as debris like leaves, sticks and other pieces of rubbish can get jammed in there, blocking rainwater from flowing to the downspout. This can result in water damage to the fascia, soffit and cladding. To keep that from happening, DHJ Window & Gutter Cleaning uses a powerful Gutter-Vac to take away every bit of debris to keep the gutter nice and pristine.
DHJ Window & Gutter Cleaning

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