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When it comes to disinfection, and front line protection against Coronavirus, Dezonex are leading the charge against COVID-19, disinfecting to destroy. Our expert teams appreciate the daily concerns people have about about coronavirus being ever present, which is why our domestic and commercial disinfection procedures are both quick and thorough, protecting you, your family, and your workforce from the virus. Offering house and commercial ozone disinfection, as well as ozone and cleaning for vehicles, our range of cleaning and protective services give peace of mind in worrying times. No property is too big, and no commercial fleet too large for our COVID-19 protecting disinfections services. Using safe processes and cleaning materials, we ensure a deep cleaning services that offers top quality results, taking any COVID-19 off your premises, disinfecting to destroy all traces of it. For all your home, commercial, vehicle disinfecting needs, contact us, let Dezonex get you COVID-19 compliant.
Dezonex Limited

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