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So you know that you need a website, or a landing page or just something that means people can find you online. But, you’re not sure what exactly you need and what to do with it once it exists, right? Well, let us at Design Lime take care of you. You’re in business because you’re good at what you do, not because you need to understand how the internet works. Well, it is the same for us, only the internet IS what we do! We’ll get you set up, no matter what you need. From full websites, smaller websites, single page websites and landing pages for a special offer, we can do it for you, AND (you’ll love this bit…) everything we build for you is set to bring in business! Even while you sleep your website will be generating you more work. If your site does not bring you more leads then what is it for? LEADS = MONEY How about offline, out there in the real world, you know, where the people are? What do you hand over to them if you are trying to generate work? A scrap of paper with your name and number on, very professional… Of course you don’t! You are reading this, which means you care about how your business appears. Well, we’ve got you covered again! And not in the ‘Vistaprint, cheap like the budgie, throw away’ kind of way. We will design and supply you with a business card that JUMPS out at people and causes them to remember you and put your card somewhere safe. Here’s a hot topic for you. Social Media. Quickest way to find customers online, most cost effective as well. But if you don’t know what you are doing with it you can be marked up as a spammer and your accounts can be blocked. Design Lime strikes again (play heroic music in the background) to keep you generating leads all day long. And the best part of Social Media is, turn it on, turn it off when you get too busy! So what is to stop you drowning in the mass of other people online trying to be noticed? What have you got that will make you memorable and individual? How about we sort you out with a bespoke, memorable logo so that people notice your business and are actively drawn to it? We’ve got you covered again. Keeping yourself looking a cut above your competition is vital to any business person. Let’s be honest, the ripped jeans and paint covered old t-shirt just don’t give off the tidy professional image you are looking for. Just give us the nod and we can supply you with tip-top workwear to keep you looking the part. We understand, trades can be a dirty job and a suit and tie probably won’t win you many customers but when it comes to getting it like Goldilocks’ porridge, ‘juuuuuussst right’, we can help!
Design Lime

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