Cable Processing Equipment

Cable Processing Equipment

Convert's continual investment in its cable processing equipment enables us to offer our customers the best possible solution to you production requirements and ensures on going quality of the products we supply.

We use Artos & Komax Wire Preparation Equipment to process a wide range of cable and wire, from single-stranded, single-core, through to multi-stranded, multi-cored cables. These machines allow us to cut to length, strip and, where required, label a variety of cable gauges, quickly and efficiently. Various stripping options can be set independently for each end of the cable and so provide us with flexible options for both high and low batch runs.

Our fully automated Komax Gamma 255 & Artos MTX machines enable a high volume of cable to be processed quickly. With up to 6 programmable work stations cable can be cut & stripped, twisted, tinned and/or crimped, in any sequence, efficiently and to a consistently high quality. These machines also includes crimp force analysers which automatically monitor the crimping forces used for every terminal applied. Any defect crimps are automatically removed from the cable and then separated from the rest of the batch by an active sorter to prevent progression through the manufacturing process.

The Artos CS-326 has its own PC interface which allows us to store all the important machine functions including cable size, cut lengths and strip lengths, to process each of your products, helping us to reduce the lead time on repeat orders. This machine has recently been modified allowing it to handle longer cuts lengths much more effectively.

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