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Controlled Repair (Instruments) Ltd is a family run business and has been going for over 35 years. We are the only Fisher Approved Service Provider for the South and South East region, covering Fisher Controls and Fisher Regulator products. CRI has dealt closely with Fisher for 35 years and is an Official Fisher Approved Service Centre. We have had this accreditation for over 10 years.

Fisher Valves


CRI were approached by Flowserve to be come an Approved Service Centre for Valtek products in the South and South East of the UK which we were happy to become. Working with Flowserve has helped us provide a higher quality service for not only our customers, but to help support Flowserve’s customers and their requirements.

Flowserve Valves


We are the only approved Distributor and Repair Centre in the UK for A.Hock products, who own the rights to Honeywell industrial product range and their own control valve and associated products. In 1999 the Honeywell factory closed and the rights to the Series 2000 valves among others was sold to Flowserve. Up until 2008 Flowserve sold these valves under the Valtek 2000 model. At the beginning of 2008 this was taken over by A.Hock, they took over the following Honeywell models, Series 2000, 600, 800, 9000, 2003-13, V5066 etc.

A.Hock Valves

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