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Compare Yields is the UKs leading property comparison site. We an independent company which gives impartial comparisons for the full spectrum of property investments in the UK. Our site offers comparisons on: Residential Property UK buy-to-let Investments Commercial Property Student Property Investment Short-term and Holiday Rental Investment Off-plan Property Investment Real Estate Investment Trusts Property Bonds Property Loan Notes Property Funds The UK property market has outperformed all major asset classes in the UK over the last 20 years. Property has both gone up in value and has delivered a solid yield. Within this broad sector there are property investments which significantly outperform the industry average. Compare Yields offers information on market trends to help investors identify the areas which offer the best yields, and appreciation options. One of the drawbacks of direct property investments is that property can by illiquid as you need to find a buyer to sell a property. This makes this asset less liquid as it can often take time to sell a property. There are ways to offer better liquidity into property and that is through financial instruments such as funds with specialise in property investments. As a result, we aim to give comparisons on these investments help prospective investors better understand their options. Many of these funds offer excellent tax breaks with make the real return of investment better.
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