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Carlisle Brass was established in the mid 80’s and has become the UK’s number one wholesale distributor of Architectural Ironmongery. The bulk of our products include door handles, door knockers, padlocks, and various other items, the majority of which, are made from solid brass, and are available in a variety of finishes such as chrome, satin chrome and Florentine bronze. Carlisle Brass is the parent company at the head of a larger group containing three other companies that cover several different markets including: locks and specification door hardware for the commercial sector (Eurospec), high specification switch plates and sockets (Eurolite) and pre-pack for the retail market (Sterling Hardware). Within the companies there are a number of outstanding brands - Carlisle Brass Ltd: - Top quality cabinet fittings (Fingertip Design) - Classic black antique hardware (Ludlow Foundries) - Exquisite hand finished architectural hardware (Delamain) - Luxurious bathroom fittings (DeL’eau) - Modern Designer levers on rose (Serozzetta)
Carlisle Brass Ltd

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