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BTM Automation Products (UK) Ltd are specialist providers of sheet metal clinching machines, hydraulic press machines and pneumatic press machines. At BTM we present our flagship technology “Tog-L-Loc”, the sheet metal clinching technology that is simple, economical and an efficient solution to your metal joining needs. This patented clinching system is: – consistent – Non-destructive testing & repeatable joints economic – Long tool life 300,000 joints common versatile – Dissimilar metals can be joined simple- Simple Punch & Die arrangement With todays complex designs, high quality standards and global markets our expertise in clinching sheet metal enables the customer to benefit from over 40 years’ experience. BTM offer a full and complete package from initial enquiry to commissioning. Our expert specialist engineers have served the Automotive, Lighting, Heating, White Goods and many other industries. Whether it is a simple hand held unit, robot cell or special purpose machine BTM Tog-L-Loc has a solution for you. For detailed information on the Tog-L-Loc process please see our Tog-L-Loc product page. In addition to Tog-L-Loc, we also provide aluminium clinching technology “V-Loc”, a harder rotation resistant version of Tog-L-Loc called “Lance-N-Loc” and our leak proof version “Oval-Loc”. Please see our Products section for more details and product information download sheets.
BTM (UK) Automation Products Ltd

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