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BioWaveGO is 100% drug-free, patented pain relief technology, clinically proven to reduce the symptoms of pain. BioWave technology blocks pain signals deep at the nerve, allowing you to take back control of your life. BioWaveGO is a revolutionary new way of treating pain that uses electric waves, rather than chemicals. Unlike old-fashioned TENS machines that simply mask pain, BioWave’s high frequency, alternating current system blocks pain at its source for long-lasting relief. Using non-invasive pain relief pads, an active, electrical field forms beneath and surrounding each pad, so pads should be placed directly over the source of your pain. One 30-minute session can provide up to 24 hours pain relief for chronic, acute or post-operative pain. Small enough to fit in your pocket, BioWaveGO can tackle pain discreetly and effectively anytime you need it.
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