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Since 1997 Bio-Synergy has been committed to developing innovative, high quality sports supplements that are produced in the UK to the highest standards to ensure that they are effective and taste great. With so many brands to choose from, we thought rather than tell you in our own words we would let the results do the talking: Strong beginnings that have proved sustainable 1997 Arsenal and Saracens start using the products 1998 Bio-Synergy made official suppliers to the Basket Ball League 1999 British & Irish Lions use Bio-Synergy products and Win the Tour 2000 Mark Foster breaks 50m World Record using Bio-Synergy products 2001 Bio-Synergy become official suppliers to the World Boxing Federation & receive approval from the Boxing Board of Control 2001 Bio-Synergy become official suppliers to Premier Rugby and the Rugby Football League 2002 Bio-Synergy become official drink supplier to the Commonwealth Games 2002 Bio-Synergy create a range for David Coulthard 2017 Official suppliers to LandRover BAR, Derby FC, Scottish Hockey 2017 Sports Nutrition Brand of The Year.

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