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We are a small, friendly, family run engineering company and have been since 1970, the kind you would find all over great Britain in the 60’s & 70’s, Manual lathes , Manual Mills, cutting tools ( some might say “Old School”). However, we are digital on all the machines we run and use the most up to date measuring technology on the market today, our goal is to offer the kind of service that used to be available back in the day. We will take on small orders, even make an individual bespoke part if necessary, but still deliver the quality that is expected and so often these days not available. Due to the way we work we are still able to offer a personal one to one service, even down to the customer personally coming into the workshop to show us what they want made. We will even turn or mill the part in front of them, as all of our work is hand made in-house, we don’t outsource at all. We have been supplying BOC/LINDE with Leak Detector’s & Flow regulators for their Medical Oxygen now since 1980 to over 15 different countries. The leak detector we provide that connects to the cylinder bottle head is a unique design and developed here at Bicknell, it will detect a leak almost immediately and is 100% proof, and 100% regulated to British standards. The finished job has no room for error working to measurements of 0.01mm with no tolerance, so our quality is up there with best of them, again designed and developed here at Bicknell. Working with prestige brands like BOC/LINDE means that our customers benefit from this experience, working to very tight deadlines and exceptionally high standards. Not only do the parts have to meet our standards but also theirs and their cleaning protocols, this is what makes us the company we are today. We are large enough to cope, but small enough to care, larger engineering companies simply can’t compete due to their minimum order requirements, whereas at Bicknell Engineering, we can offer the same level of service whether we are making a single bespoke unit for an individual, or 100’s of units for a global company.
Bicknell Engineering Ltd

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