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Aesthetics Clinic Wigan Aesthetics Wigan BELLA AESTHETICS CLINIC. Bella Aesthetics Clinic Wigan is passionate about providing the highest level of treatments in a professional and ethical manner. All treatments are provided by a Registered Nurse Prescriber. We offer free impartial consultations and through our expertise and commitment, we deliver tailored treatment plans and Packages using gold standard products with the highest standard of customer care. Bella Aesthetics Clinic is an up-to-date cosmetic clinic that uses the most advanced cosmetic procedures, in a comfortable, discreet, yet convenient setting in the heart of Wigan. We only use refined techniques and advanced, clinically proven products and equipment. Our treatments are suitable for those who are seeking fast, non-invasive, minimal risk solution to a clearer and healthier looking skin. Treatments are suitable for all skin types for both men and women. Belinda Denholm is a Registered Nurse Prescriber with over 30 years experience in senior positions working both in the NHS and Private Sector hospitals. Belinda's most recent post was that of surgical ward manager which she held for 10 years until July 2018, deciding to pursue her love of medical aesthetics on a full-time basis. Botox What is an appointment like with one of our specialists? Bella Aesthetics specialists are all medically qualified, fully qualified in aesthetics and highly experienced in the administration of anti-wrinkle injections. We are committed to ensuring that our customers are totally informed and definitely ready, before going forward with treatment. Any questions or worries are discussed in detail during the examination process and our clients are given as much time as they need to make a decision whether a procedure is right for them, even if that means not going ahead at all sometimes. Dermal Fillers Regain your skin's lost volume - instantly - with Bella Aesthetics range of Juvéderm dermal fillers. Our range of Juvederm fillers are designed to Revitalise and Refresh your look REPLACE LOST VOLUME SMOOTH OUTLINES AND WRINKLES RESTORE ELASTICITY AND TONE CREATE A NATURAL LOOK AND NATURAL FEEL We understand the proportions, ratios, angles and underlying anatomy of the face and use dermal filler as the primary tool to achieve the beautiful look that you desire. All of this can be achieved without the dreaded 'fake' or 'done' look. Juvederm Ultra range usually lasts around 9 - 12 months. We also offer the premium Juvéderm Vycross dermal filler range, which is smoother and longer lasting for around 12 - 18 months, even up to 24 months. Lip filler (also known as lip enhancement and lip augmentation) is popular for all age groups ( and men too). Reasons why people choose lip filler: LOST VOLUME IN YOUR LIPS. You may have always had thinner lips than you would like or like most people as we age, you have lost volume in your lips. Filler can be added to the body of the lip either to give you the fuller lips you've always wanted or simply to replace the volume lost over time to bring your lips back to what they were before. Results will vary from quite subtle to noticeably fuller lips. This depends mainly on the look you want whilst maintaining the all-important proportions of your face. LIP LINES DEVELOP OVER TIME ABOVE THE LIP. more commonly known as 'smokers lines'. Lines may appear even if you have never smoked. Specific filler for lip lines, Juvederm Volbella, is used to smooth out the lines leaving your lip looking refreshed. LIP DEFINITION IS LESS THAN YOU WOULD LIKE The border of the lip is known as the vermillion border. The filler can be injected into the vermillion border to create more definition at the outer edge of the lip and define the Cupid's Bow. There's real artistry to creating the ideal lips. At Bella Aesthetics we utilise our years of experience and ability to meticulously volumise your lips with premium brand injectable lip fillers using the crucial principles of the golden proportion. The outcome is specific to you, balanced and in proportion that will enhance your natural features.
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