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INCREASE YOUR BRAND'S VALUE BY LETTING US SPREAD IT! Beantown Media Ventures (BMV) is an integrated PR & digital marketing agency that helps startups reach their growth goals through a mix of public relations and content marketing. BMV is based in Boston and is comprised of a team of digital storytellers, MBA's, and content marketing nerds who have a deep passion for the startup and venture capital ecosystem. Our capabilities include: *Company/product launches *Supporting Kickstarter campaigns *Generating leads and users *Attracting investor interest *Building overall brand awareness *Cementing marketplace positions What separates BMV from other firms is our deep level of understanding of the startup/VC world, as well as the flexibility and agility in which we operate. Our leave no stone unturned approach, combined with our vast experience working with early stage companies to leading Fortune 500's, ensures that we'll determine and forge the best path to growth for your company. Our PR and content marketing programs have: *Driven 100's of thousands of new users and customers *Generated the equivalent of millions of dollars in advertising spend *Supported the exit of three companies to date Specialties: Public Relations, Media Relations, Content Creation, Blog Development, Social Media Strategy/Management, Inbound Marketing, Customer Acquisition Advisory, Digital Marketing Management/Analysis, Website/Email Newsletter, Speaking Engagement, Thought Leadership, Startups, and Influencer Marketing
Beantown Media Ventures

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